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Nuru Massage Will Always Lead to a Blow Job

The average price for a nuru massage is $300/hour, it's actually higher than the price of your average escort. Considering the oils and 'work' involved, these girls deserve a higher amount. However, not all nuru massages lead to sex. Almost all of them do lead to a bbbj.

If you're a fan of this blog, you know I'm not a fan of BBBJ from escorts (let's face it guys, getting a nuru massage is still an escort). Think of the amount of blow jobs this girl has given. I know every ounce of you wants to believe she's clean, after all that's the fantasy right. Remember this, you can get several STDs from bjs. I won't try and scare you off with HIV as the chances are low, but getting Herpes and Warts is high.

So while she's sliding her tits up and down your shaft, request a covered blow job. You can always rip it off at the end and shoot it WHEREVER you like!