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How are the Replacements to BackPage Going?

Ever since Backpage shut down its escorts and body rubs section in January, the hobbying community has been in an uproar. The biggest issues is trying to find that next spot to extend their hobby. The escorts on Backpage weren't knowing for being 10s, but then again, the men in the hobby aren't necessarily looking of 10s. They just don't want 1s. Backpage was good an bringing in a flood of women on a constant basis that where middle of the road girls, that did just about anything for money. So is there a replacement to Backpage? How are the replacements to Backpage doing?

How are the Replacements to BackPage Going?

There will never be a site that had the reach and constant flow of women as Backpage. The reasoning is simple. The bigger you get, the bigger of a target you are to the government agencies. As a result, you really have 3 main avenues to find sites similar to Backpage.

  1. Escort Forums - by going through the forums like Eccie and TNA Board, you can interact with community members that share their hobbying stories. As a result, you'll find some hidden gems of girls to use for your hobby
  2. Smaller niche sites - you can go to agencies that cater to a specific city. The rates will 100% be higher. But if you're ok to swing and be sure to review the girls before engaging, it can be a great alternatives.
  3. Independent escorts - these are the girls that got hit the most. Since these women aren't necessarily business savvy, these Backpage escorts got lazy. They relied on one site to bring in their clients, without building their own base of clients at a higher rate on their site. If you google independent escorts in CITYNAME, you'll find a ton of girls. Just remember to review this girls.

When it comes to finding alternatives to Back Page, you have to remember you'll need to do some digging and research. However, I've see the quality actually go up. Think about how many ones and twos were on Backpage; however, showing pics and ads that showed them as 7s.