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Can You Get an STD from DATY?

DATY, some guys love this (aka Dining at the Y  aka eating a girl out). The chances of getting the serious stds (ex HIV) is low, but getting herpes or warts is high.  Getting this on your lips and mouth is not only horrible to look at, an std like herpes will always be with you. Throw in DATY with an escort and you dramatically increase your chances of getting an STD. Remember, almost every single escort has or had an STD. If you're going down the hobbyist route, you need to protect yourself much stricter than normal.  I would seriously avoid going down on an escort at all cost.


The $50 Blow Job – Is It Really Worth It?

Is the $50 BJ Worth It?

Is the $50 BJ Worth It?

You look at any low level escort site, you'll be able to find a CBJ or BBBJ for $50-$60. It's a great deal if you think about it. Throw in a repeat discount, You can get a month's worth of BJs for about 1k. One tiny problem with that, there's a HUGE distinction from CBJ and BBBJ.

Every guy loves a bj, your traditional mouth on c*ck. Whether you prefer CIM or a facial, you might want to pay a lil extra for that. The problem is the bare back bj part, think about the amount of bj's she's giving this month, let alone her lifetime. STDs are passed through oral... read that again.... while HIV is lower on the scale (yet still possible), HPV (warts) and Herpes (ouch) still reign large in the escort bj space.

Recommendation - CBJ with a facial, my favorite at least!


Why Take the Risk with Escorts?

Sexually transmitted diseases are quite rampant all over the world.  Many of them can cause shocking amounts of damage to your self esteem, sex life, overall health, or even result in death after a significant amount of time.  Having sex at all can be a huge risk, but burning desires and intense basic needs of humans cannot be denied.  In fact, it is safe to assume that killing yourself would be more desirable to never having sex in your life due to the insane flame between your legs that can distract you from almost any task.  With the invention of condoms, things got a bit easier in relieving anxiety and worry about STDs.  However, what exactly are you going to do when you find yourself in need of a romp in the bedroom but cannot arrange for anything with a willing partner?

Worth the Risk?

Worth the Risk?

Many people turn to escorts.  You can have a fun time on the town followed by some extra wild moments behind closed doors for just a bit more money.  Being professionals in the sexual pleasure arena though, escorts can really be more trouble than they are worth.  It is a widely acknowledged fact among most health professionals and statistics gathering companies that all sex workers, whether mere escorts or full blown street prostitutes, have higher incidents of sexually transmitted diseases.  Can't condoms help to prevent issues from things like that though?  Not exactly.  Again, while condoms are 99% effective at preventing pregnancy, their protection level against STDs is actually a good bit lower.  The viruses can easily leap out from or into one of the many naturally occurring microscopic holes in the latex of the condom that automatically become part of the protection when the latex is created.  What about a little oral sex then?  You might want to rethink that plan when you consider the threat of herpes from such an activity.

Why risk having an STD for the rest of your life when there are several other ways to meet your sexual desires.  Instead of pulling someone into your bed that has been with many other people on a daily basis, try for an affair or discreet relationship instead.  You can get someone who is just as excited to be having a wild time in the bedroom as you are without any of the associated strings or complications of a normal committed relationship.  Ashley Madison focuses on the discreet dating world, more importantly, gives you the best scenario to bang someone else's wife. For real, with over 10 million discreet members, you'll be surprised what you can find.


Are You Nuts with a BBBJ?

BBBJ - You Nuts with an Escort?

BBBJ - You Nuts with an Escort?

I love blow jobs more than the next guy, but when it comes to escorts, you are seriously playing with fire. Don't think for a second that you don't run the risk of getting and STD. Yes, getting HIV is a tough one to get on the receiving end. But you are wide open to the others, especially warts and herpes.

Be smart and go the CBJ route.  You could always take the rubber and give her a facial (my personal favorite). But a BBBJ, you are putting yourself at SERIOUS risk. Think how many BJ's she has given in the past 72 hours, let alone the past few months.

Meet some girl at a bar to minimize your risk, or go the affair route with women looking for that discreet encounter (Ashley Madison)