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Give an Escort a Facial and Leave With a Smile

Find Escorts Who Love Facials

Find Escorts Who Love Facials

The money shot in every adult film is when a guy shoots his load on a goal. When he gives her a facial, even hotter. This carries over into the escort world as well. Some escorts, not all, will allow you to give them a facial. This should be your requirement #1. Why?

Well, first rule, is to wear a condom when you're going into ANY hole (oral included). Who wants to shoot a load into a condom right? You can do that when you're jerking off or with your girlfriend / wife. When you're paying to use an escort, giving them a facial is STD free (critical) and it leaves you with an extra smile. For those of you who never tried it, I HIGHLY recommend it.



Think With the Right Head Guys!

Don't Fall for the Allure without Thinking
Don't Fall for the Allure without Thinking

Don't Fall for the Allure without Thinking

Whether you're a traveling businessman or a local enthusiast, the amount of escorts to choose from puts a smile on my face every time. When I travel, I try to go the local boards. For instance, what works in Toronto doesn't work in Miami.  Finding the local massage parlor is always my last option (personally, love the privacy with an escort).

The one troublesome thing that I'm seeing involves the lack of care for STDs. I try to be INSANELY safe with this stuff. Being married, the last thing I want to do is bring the evidence back home. And that's just for the light stuff (warts / herpes), the heavy stuff will make you depressed beyond belief. Or, if you're single and you get a lifetime STD (herpes / HIV), you will have a serious hard time finding that partner willing to accept you for that.

So before you start thinking with the wrong head.....

  • CBJ + facial over BBBJ + CIM  - While we all love BBBJ, you still a run a good risk of catching something. Don't fall for guys telling you it's safe, cause it's not. Period. Now a CBJ on the other hand, you sleep great at night. You can still CIM with a CBJ if that's you thing, but it's safer to do a facial.
  • DATY - you gotta be nuts
  • Russian + a Pearl Necklace - These i love as you get the skin on skin content, and you get to blow your load right on her. Safe Factor is high.

At the end of the day, just have it covered.  I created this blog for guy to submit their horror stories with escort services. Whether it be from the STD side, robbery side, or the home life side. Post a comment about your story, or even post a comment of what you want to write about. I will then reach out to you to publish your story.