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So What’s the Difference Between a Sugar Baby and an Escort?

With the advancement of the Internet, and fascinating future of mobile, getting laid has never been easier. Whether you're looking for an online date, a college sugar baby, or a straight up escort, you can get laid as often as you want. Well, depending on how deep your pockets are. That's partially false.

Escort or Sugar Baby?

Escort or Sugar Baby?

We all know escorts will do virtually anything for $$$. The issue with escorts is simple: STDs. Every guy tries to convince himself it won't happen to them, or she's SO HOT she has to be clean. But seriously, an escort has multiple dicks in her a day. A Day. For those of you mathematically challenged, assume 4 cocks a day 7 days a week. That's 1500 cocks. Of all those 1500 cocks, a certain percentage of them have STDs, plain and simple.  Add to that, your escort has been turning tricks for years, your bound to catch something.

So what's the alternative? Easy answer. Sugar babies.

These are girls your are single moms or college girls simply looking to make ends meet. While many are true gold diggers, many are just looking for a side relationships to make ends meet. Translation - Little chance of an STD.


So There I Am in Vegas Waiting in My Room…

I use to travel a TON, and the one thing I learned is to always talk to your cab driver. These guys have the true pulse of the underground life in every city. So I'm in Vegas, all my work is done and it's my one free night to myself. My wife is as home with our two kids, and it's the first time that I get to just let loose and have fun.

I'm in a cab heading back to MGM where I strike up a conversation with the cabbie. He writes down information of two girls that he 'personally' recommends. I tell him look, are you trying to get a commission from this thing by recommending these girls. He says flat out no, I get the commission off of these girls (where he shows me a stack with his referral). The girls I'm showing you are indepedants. So I'm thinking what the hell. I pick the blonde

Be Careful with Vegas Escorts

Be Careful with Vegas Escorts

I'm in my room in at the MGM and the blonde shows up right on time. I'm getting super excited and turns out she was a KNOCKOUT.  Without 5 minutes of being inside we are both completely naked going out it. Now, I know with escorts, I try to be extremely safe. I never dine at the Y and I always wear a rubber. I try to never get a BJ unless it's a covered blow job. So there, you have my mentality. So what do you do what a hot ass escorts starts going down on you? Well, you don't say "excuse me, put a rubber on". About 3 minutes into it, I told her to stop cause I didn't want to blow my load so quickly.

Mish, reverse cowgirl, doggie style then rip the condom off and shoot it all over her face. I sat there with such a smile on my face (you know the feeling). Fast forward 6 weeks, I get this itching feeling above my dick. Two days after that, I see what appears to be pimples. Well, it wasn't pimples, it was warts. So there I am FREAKING out, needing to take care of it before my wife were to ever see it. Three urologist visits later, an in and out procedure, and a few thousand bucks after that, all was good. I had to sweat though, let me tell you.

Lesson learned - when it comes to escorts guys, you REALLY need to be extra careful. What got me was the blow job. Simple act, and everyone tells you there is such a small chance. Where I say bull, the chances are high, especially with an escort.

To combat this locally, I found a site that caters to mutually beneficial arrangements. Basically single moms and younger girls looking to make ends meet. These girls aren't escorts, but love having all kinds of fun. In exchange, I help them out with some bills. Seriously is the arrangement of a lifetime.


Escort Horror Stories: Guess What I Brought Home?

Guess What I Got

I once had a female friend that said, “No matter how long it’s been since you’ve gotten laid – it’s never bad enough that you have to go pay for it.”  Well, she wasn’t offering up any solutions, so I didn’t really listen.  Sometimes, life gets the best of us and if you’re not in a relationship and you don’t have time to meet someone to hook up with – well, the only alternative is to call an escort.  Now, I’m not proud of this and I don’t make a habit of it.  In fact, I’ve only done it one time and I will NEVER do it again.

My experience was horrible and I’m now out to warn everyone of what can happen if you choose this route:  it goes like this.  I was out of town - my work keeps me traveling, so I’m almost too busy to meet anyone right now.  I’m not into one-nighters because I find that someone always gets hurt or worse, they call and call all the time and I just can’t deal with that.  Most of the time, I work late and am so tired I just want to crash when I’m done with the day, but on this one night, I was finished early and feeling the need for some company.  I check the phone book and there it is:  escorts.  There we go, I decided to call.

Guess What I Got

Guess What I Got

First of all, the rates were through the roof, but I make good money, I was down.  So, I tell them that I love brunettes – long, lean and brown eyed if possible.  It’s just my thing.  They say they have the perfect person and will send her right over.  I clean up my hotel room a little and try to get ready.  I’m not familiar with this kind of thing.

Finally, there’s a knock at the door.  I check the peep hole and I see a red head standing there.  She’s gorgeous, sure, but not what I wanted.  I let her in.  She’s got the personality of a frog – if a frog had a personality.  No small talk, no nicey-nice.   Just, “what do you like?”  Good thing I didn’t want to take her out.  I turned off the lights and we did our thing.  It was okay – no passion, no pleasure from her.  It was like being with a robot, but whatever, she was warm.

She goes on her way and it’s all good – for a while.  I’m not going to gross you out with my symptoms, but I thought I was going to be minus one appendage.  It was pretty ugly, but I went to the doctor and fortunately got it taken care of.  Now, I keep my money – and my hands to myself.

I know it's been mentioned before here, but you seriously need to stop looking at escorts and look at women that are wanting affairs. You virtually eliminate the STD risk and you have more of a PSE if you ask me! After all, these women are sexually frustrated! Check out the discreet dating site of Ashley Madison.


A New Twist on a Covered Blow Job

New CBJ Twist

New CBJ Twist

For us extremely cautious type, you're always hesitant of hiring an escort. The thought of getting an STD, any of them, scares you half to death. For many, you stick to covered blow jobs (CBJ) or just cumming on a woman's chest. While to many, this isn't as exciting that the full service, it does fulfill the fantasy. My personal favorite is to take the condom off after oral and shooting it on her face or chest. Couple escorts allow me to shoot it right in the crack of their ass.

Case in Point - minimize your risk of catching an STD from escorts and use less riskier acts. Save the full service stuff to finding women that are looking for affairs (such as as the affair site Ashley Madison)


Why Take the Risk with Escorts?

Sexually transmitted diseases are quite rampant all over the world.  Many of them can cause shocking amounts of damage to your self esteem, sex life, overall health, or even result in death after a significant amount of time.  Having sex at all can be a huge risk, but burning desires and intense basic needs of humans cannot be denied.  In fact, it is safe to assume that killing yourself would be more desirable to never having sex in your life due to the insane flame between your legs that can distract you from almost any task.  With the invention of condoms, things got a bit easier in relieving anxiety and worry about STDs.  However, what exactly are you going to do when you find yourself in need of a romp in the bedroom but cannot arrange for anything with a willing partner?

Worth the Risk?

Worth the Risk?

Many people turn to escorts.  You can have a fun time on the town followed by some extra wild moments behind closed doors for just a bit more money.  Being professionals in the sexual pleasure arena though, escorts can really be more trouble than they are worth.  It is a widely acknowledged fact among most health professionals and statistics gathering companies that all sex workers, whether mere escorts or full blown street prostitutes, have higher incidents of sexually transmitted diseases.  Can't condoms help to prevent issues from things like that though?  Not exactly.  Again, while condoms are 99% effective at preventing pregnancy, their protection level against STDs is actually a good bit lower.  The viruses can easily leap out from or into one of the many naturally occurring microscopic holes in the latex of the condom that automatically become part of the protection when the latex is created.  What about a little oral sex then?  You might want to rethink that plan when you consider the threat of herpes from such an activity.

Why risk having an STD for the rest of your life when there are several other ways to meet your sexual desires.  Instead of pulling someone into your bed that has been with many other people on a daily basis, try for an affair or discreet relationship instead.  You can get someone who is just as excited to be having a wild time in the bedroom as you are without any of the associated strings or complications of a normal committed relationship.  Ashley Madison focuses on the discreet dating world, more importantly, gives you the best scenario to bang someone else's wife. For real, with over 10 million discreet members, you'll be surprised what you can find.


Are You Nuts with a BBBJ?

BBBJ - You Nuts with an Escort?

BBBJ - You Nuts with an Escort?

I love blow jobs more than the next guy, but when it comes to escorts, you are seriously playing with fire. Don't think for a second that you don't run the risk of getting and STD. Yes, getting HIV is a tough one to get on the receiving end. But you are wide open to the others, especially warts and herpes.

Be smart and go the CBJ route.  You could always take the rubber and give her a facial (my personal favorite). But a BBBJ, you are putting yourself at SERIOUS risk. Think how many BJ's she has given in the past 72 hours, let alone the past few months.

Meet some girl at a bar to minimize your risk, or go the affair route with women looking for that discreet encounter (Ashley Madison)


Ever Have that Escorts from Hell Experience?

When you're online debating on which escorts to "order" for the night, some of the pictures get you so turned on that you can't wait for them to arrive. Whether your doing an outcall or an incall,  you always run a risk. Incalls, the girls and their boss will know where you live. Outcalls, you are going into an establishment (motel/home) of the unknown. Personally, I always liked outcalls. Plus being married, doesn't give me too many options at home!

Think with the Right Head!

Think with the Right Head!

Regardless of where you meet them, you run an INSANE risk of getting and STD. One unlucky encounter can cause these escorts to drag you to STD hell with them.  The risk is extremely large that people in their profession can even pass on one of the almost countless STDs without knowing that they have it.  HPV (aka warts) especially is known to lie dormant in terms of symptoms for a while but still be extremely potent when jumping around from person to person before you notice any type of genital wart.  The situation can even become more complicated when you involve a female escort and the fact that HPV can cause warts on the inside that cannot be seen or felt by the victim.  Unfortunately, this nightmare won't unfold until months later. Making matters worse, you can get this STD from wearing a condom! Yes really.

Why in the world would you want to take such a huge risk to meet your primal needs in the bedroom when there are far more appealing alternatives?  Having a discreet relationship or even helping along an affair can provide all the unattached fun and fire that you desire with way less statistical risk involved.  Since individuals looking for a discreet relationship or affair do not sell their sexuality, they are more likely to have a clean bill of health and do not require you to pay for a sultry time between the sheets.  Basically, you could be having all the positives with none of the negatives.  Checking out Ashley Madison is the best way to get started on initiating and arranging a discreet relationship or affair so that you can jump right into amazing pleasure without the anxiety or worry.  Let them help you find the perfect person for your passions.