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Summer Alert – Stay Away From Backpage Escorts



With the summer among us, more and more men are looking at escorts to increase their summer fun. For the newbies, they will turn to Backpage escorts to get their cheap thrill.  There's a huge reason why I'm recommending to stay away from Backpage: STDs. With the increase in demand (men) there will be a slew more supply (escorts) in BP.  These girls will service many men in a given day, every day. The math seriously dramatically increases your risk of catching an STD. Believe me when I tell you no STD is worth. Whether it's the nuisance of warts, the longevity of herpes, of the lifetime killer of AIDS.

Think with the right head here guys. Instead of going the route of escorts on backpage, try going another route.

My advice, take a look at the growing trend of mutually beneficial arrangements. This is where you find everyday girls looking to make ends meet. They aren't escorts, but they will provide you that unique arrangement you desire.