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Should I Still Wear a Condom with a GFE?

Some guys think, that by having a GFE escort, that it's a safer experience. These are girls you feel like are REALLY into you, you take them back to your room, and have an incredible intimate encounter. While the fantasy is great, you have to remember one thing, these girls will sleep with ANYONE. As a result, your STD risk is incredibly high.

Let's take this a step further: She might even tell you she's clean, and that she got tested last month. Before you leave that condom in the package, remember this, a woman can be positive for an STD test and not have it show positive for 3 months. Do you realize how many dicks she's had since then?

Regardless of how much you want to believe her, be sure to wear a rubber. Even for a bj. Don't think for a second that BBBJ won't get you a STD. Request a CBJ every time. You can always rip it off then shoot it on her face (my personal fav)!


The $50 Blow Job – Is It Really Worth It?

Is the $50 BJ Worth It?

Is the $50 BJ Worth It?

You look at any low level escort site, you'll be able to find a CBJ or BBBJ for $50-$60. It's a great deal if you think about it. Throw in a repeat discount, You can get a month's worth of BJs for about 1k. One tiny problem with that, there's a HUGE distinction from CBJ and BBBJ.

Every guy loves a bj, your traditional mouth on c*ck. Whether you prefer CIM or a facial, you might want to pay a lil extra for that. The problem is the bare back bj part, think about the amount of bj's she's giving this month, let alone her lifetime. STDs are passed through oral... read that again.... while HIV is lower on the scale (yet still possible), HPV (warts) and Herpes (ouch) still reign large in the escort bj space.

Recommendation - CBJ with a facial, my favorite at least!


A New Twist on a Covered Blow Job

New CBJ Twist

New CBJ Twist

For us extremely cautious type, you're always hesitant of hiring an escort. The thought of getting an STD, any of them, scares you half to death. For many, you stick to covered blow jobs (CBJ) or just cumming on a woman's chest. While to many, this isn't as exciting that the full service, it does fulfill the fantasy. My personal favorite is to take the condom off after oral and shooting it on her face or chest. Couple escorts allow me to shoot it right in the crack of their ass.

Case in Point - minimize your risk of catching an STD from escorts and use less riskier acts. Save the full service stuff to finding women that are looking for affairs (such as as the affair site Ashley Madison)


Are You Nuts with a BBBJ?

BBBJ - You Nuts with an Escort?

BBBJ - You Nuts with an Escort?

I love blow jobs more than the next guy, but when it comes to escorts, you are seriously playing with fire. Don't think for a second that you don't run the risk of getting and STD. Yes, getting HIV is a tough one to get on the receiving end. But you are wide open to the others, especially warts and herpes.

Be smart and go the CBJ route.  You could always take the rubber and give her a facial (my personal favorite). But a BBBJ, you are putting yourself at SERIOUS risk. Think how many BJ's she has given in the past 72 hours, let alone the past few months.

Meet some girl at a bar to minimize your risk, or go the affair route with women looking for that discreet encounter (Ashley Madison)


Think With the Right Head Guys!

Don't Fall for the Allure without Thinking
Don't Fall for the Allure without Thinking

Don't Fall for the Allure without Thinking

Whether you're a traveling businessman or a local enthusiast, the amount of escorts to choose from puts a smile on my face every time. When I travel, I try to go the local boards. For instance, what works in Toronto doesn't work in Miami.  Finding the local massage parlor is always my last option (personally, love the privacy with an escort).

The one troublesome thing that I'm seeing involves the lack of care for STDs. I try to be INSANELY safe with this stuff. Being married, the last thing I want to do is bring the evidence back home. And that's just for the light stuff (warts / herpes), the heavy stuff will make you depressed beyond belief. Or, if you're single and you get a lifetime STD (herpes / HIV), you will have a serious hard time finding that partner willing to accept you for that.

So before you start thinking with the wrong head.....

  • CBJ + facial over BBBJ + CIM  - While we all love BBBJ, you still a run a good risk of catching something. Don't fall for guys telling you it's safe, cause it's not. Period. Now a CBJ on the other hand, you sleep great at night. You can still CIM with a CBJ if that's you thing, but it's safer to do a facial.
  • DATY - you gotta be nuts
  • Russian + a Pearl Necklace - These i love as you get the skin on skin content, and you get to blow your load right on her. Safe Factor is high.

At the end of the day, just have it covered.  I created this blog for guy to submit their horror stories with escort services. Whether it be from the STD side, robbery side, or the home life side. Post a comment about your story, or even post a comment of what you want to write about. I will then reach out to you to publish your story.