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Alternatives to Backpage

With the US government essentially forcing Backpage to shut down its escort / adult section, millions and men and escorts are looking for alternatives to Backpage. Thing is, there is no number 2 site. Sure there are escort directories online, but nothing even comes close to the massive size Backpage represented. All sorts of independent and agency escorts all used Backpage to a degree, even if it was for a bait & switch. Guys, well your are the most out of luck. From using Backpage escorts, then taking the phone numbers posted & researching them, a guy could feel confident in the girl that was showing up to their door with review. Christ, Backpage escorts were quicker than Uber for God's sake!

Backpage Replacement

I don't think you'll ever see a directory at the size of Backpage.  In order for this to still occur online, you'll need to have a slew of smaller niche escort sites. The reason Backpage got shut down was due to their sheer size. This was true for Craigslist years ago, and that was before the huge advancement of smart phones. Now, you'll start seeing smaller niches of sites that focus on certain communities. The sad part is the escorts themselves are put at a disadvantage. You have forums like eccie & TNA that are popular, you even have review sites like TER that allow you to review girls. While these aren't Backpage, it still allows you to explore the hobby. Ultimately, it will involve a bit more legwork on your part. At the end of the day, this is a hobby that has served since the beginning of time. There will be another site or set of sites that will replace Backpage. While it won't occur as fast as the community wants it to, with enough supply and demand, the marketplace will be found somewhere. Always has, and it always will be.

So what do you do now. When there's chaos, you will find opportunity. For instance, if you go down to the city level and search google, you'll find escort guides, escort agencies, and independent escorts that you've never heard of before. However in that city, it is known to more than a few. Try type escorts in Chicago or Austin independent escorts, you'll be surprised what you find! Finding sites similar to Backpage is going to be a near impossible task; however, the end results will actually be in your favor if you do some leg work!