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Escorts Can Be a Nightmare Instead of a Dream

When arranging for an escort, many people are normally stoked by the idea.  You get to have a beautiful person on your arm to show off, thereby making you seem more desirable to everyone around you whether they are friends or just people you met during a night on the town.  However, since you are paying the escort for a relationship, it is common to want to take things further than a simple fun evening in public.  Being able to have a downright professional in your bed for a roaring and wild time full of sensual pleasure is very appealing.  Also, it is basically a way to make sure that you have the best possible time between the sheets with the least connections or required duties of a committed relationship that several groups of people require before even entering the bedroom arena.

Escort Horror Stories

Escort Horror Stories

Forking out a little money for an amazing night, impressing everyone around you, then even further fiery fun behind closed doors in exchange for a no strings attached hook up can seem like the jackpot.  Why does everyone on the planet not make this kind of arrangement at least once in their lives?  The horror stories and associated problems with hiring an escort can quickly push people away from this idea.  Having a professional help with your desires and fantasies only seems good from a glossed over stand point as they will certainly know what to do in bed, but it also implies that they have been in that situation with many other people and could possible have health issues that not even they know about.  The sexually transmitted disease known as HPV (the actual virus that can be the source of genital warts) normally does not even show symptoms for a very long time, and the escort could pass it on to you without even knowing they have it.  While condoms can assist you, they do not provide 100% coverage for secretive STDs like HPV.

How can you get your primal needs met though?  Picking a single person for a discreet relationship or affair through Ashley Madison is an easy choice.  You are able to find someone more than willing to have an adventurous time in the sack without as many health risks to become another mere escort victim statistic.  The people you find on are not sex professionals but their eagerness to have a wild time behind locked doors and experiment more than make up for it since you can let loose some of your STD anxieties with a discreet relationship rather than a paid escort.


Don’t Trouble Yourself with Escorts

Most responsible adults who are sexually active with multiple partners will allow themselves to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases every six months or at least once a year.  What happens on the day that you get your results back from one of these testing sessions and it shows you are positive though?  It might go to show that fooling around with an escort is not the best idea.  Since these individuals are in the sex industry, selling their stunning looks and special talents in the bedroom on a very frequent basis, the risks associated with having too much fun with escorts have been proven to be EXTREMELY high.  You already paid for their time with you, both out on the town to show how you can grab attention with the right kind of arm candy and then for the extra fun in the pleasure department.  Now, you have to pay for the doctor visits, the medication, and the permanent damage to your self esteem and sex life. Furthermore, imagine when you meet that one girl you want to spend your life with, and you have to tell her you're a carrier?

STD Escort Trouble Awaits

STD Escort Trouble Awaits

While condoms are great for preventing pregnancy, it is a little known fact that they actually are not as effective at preventing STDs—meaning that wearing a condom with your escort of choice does not guarantee that you will not end up as a horror story statistic.  You might be able to have a night or two of pure and unadulterated passion, but ending up with something that will follow you around for the rest of your life like the notorious HPV (which is responsible for most kinds of genital warts but can hide to the point where many people do not know they have it at first) is a bit too much of a risk and a very unfair bargain.  Do not think that oral sex can lower the risks or even fix this issue with escorts as herpes becomes your number one enemy when you try to use this cheat trick.

What exactly are you supposed to do then?  Suppressing your internal fire and strong sensual desires is pure torture to most people.  Isn't there a way to really enjoy yourself without having to commit to a relationship while still being able to keep all those gross and terrifying risks at bay?  Of course there is.  Having a discreet relationship or helping someone who wants to have an affair will allow you to have a vigorous roll in bed with someone who does not sell their sexuality for a living.  These relationships are full of adventurous encounters in a very exciting way that still allow you to be perfectly free and unattached—no duties or dull parts required. is a specialized dating website that is geared to help you find a match for your own discreet relationship so that you never have to worry about the risks of being with an escort again!


Ever Have that Escorts from Hell Experience?

When you're online debating on which escorts to "order" for the night, some of the pictures get you so turned on that you can't wait for them to arrive. Whether your doing an outcall or an incall,  you always run a risk. Incalls, the girls and their boss will know where you live. Outcalls, you are going into an establishment (motel/home) of the unknown. Personally, I always liked outcalls. Plus being married, doesn't give me too many options at home!

Think with the Right Head!

Think with the Right Head!

Regardless of where you meet them, you run an INSANE risk of getting and STD. One unlucky encounter can cause these escorts to drag you to STD hell with them.  The risk is extremely large that people in their profession can even pass on one of the almost countless STDs without knowing that they have it.  HPV (aka warts) especially is known to lie dormant in terms of symptoms for a while but still be extremely potent when jumping around from person to person before you notice any type of genital wart.  The situation can even become more complicated when you involve a female escort and the fact that HPV can cause warts on the inside that cannot be seen or felt by the victim.  Unfortunately, this nightmare won't unfold until months later. Making matters worse, you can get this STD from wearing a condom! Yes really.

Why in the world would you want to take such a huge risk to meet your primal needs in the bedroom when there are far more appealing alternatives?  Having a discreet relationship or even helping along an affair can provide all the unattached fun and fire that you desire with way less statistical risk involved.  Since individuals looking for a discreet relationship or affair do not sell their sexuality, they are more likely to have a clean bill of health and do not require you to pay for a sultry time between the sheets.  Basically, you could be having all the positives with none of the negatives.  Checking out Ashley Madison is the best way to get started on initiating and arranging a discreet relationship or affair so that you can jump right into amazing pleasure without the anxiety or worry.  Let them help you find the perfect person for your passions.


The Horror of Hiring an Escort

When it comes to picking out and then hiring an escort for an interesting night on the town or even a special occasion, things can start off very nice and smooth.  Arranging payment, choosing the type of looks you enjoy, and setting up the day and time all seem to be made for you to enjoy in a way so that you do not change your mind once the transaction gets started.  However, if you actually take the time to consider what exactly is implied by the hiring of an escort (not to mention all the other arrangements that each specific escort has set up over the months or years of his or her career) you might quickly change your mind about following this oddly popular trend.

Escorts are HUGE carriers of STDs

Escorts are HUGE carriers of STDs

An escort allows you to have a good time both in public to look popular in the eyes of your friends and alluring to others who see the precious piece of arm candy standing beside you most of the night with the promise of things going further at the end of the night if you are willing to pay extra.  Then, once the night is over or your money has run out (whichever comes first of course), you are able to go back to your regular life without any attachments or problems, right?  Wrong.

The huge risk of becoming another STD statistic from the pleasure work of an escort is a rather scary one.  Workers in their industry are commonly the victims of sexually transmitted diseases, which means that they can easily and even unknowingly spread that horror to you.  That girl that you're having an amazing physical time with, has an STD but doesn't even know it. When they tell you that they get checked regularly, it's total bull. Unless the girl has herpes or warts on their body, you would never know if they are a carrier.Think about it, your little wants to believe it's "go time", while you big head gets buried in the attraction.

Well, what next then?  Individuals have desires and many sexual fantasies that need to be met on a frequent basis.  Waiting around for a committed relationship can be a long and tedious process too.  A discreet relationship or affair is the best answer for those who have a strong sexual hunger but do not want to be weighed down or bothered with deep bonds to others who they pull into bed. can help you find the perfect person for a discreet relationship or affair with none of the escort like STD risks.  Discreet relationships are known to be wild and adventurous so that you do not need to worry about having a sex professional as well., meaning that you can have all the fun with none of the draw backs!