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ABCD GFE… Know Your ABCs!

Sasha Gray GFE

Sasha Gray GFE

A buddy of mine and I were discusses some past and present experiences we had. A few beers in, after some incredible stories being shared, we came across a dilemma (a difference of opinion if you will). The GFE. The Girl Friend Experience (by the way, if you're a fan of Sasha Gray, you should watch her oldie by goodie The Girlfriend Experience).

Anyways, what do you consider a GFE? In my book, its some sort of date occurring before closing the deal. In my buddy's book, there's no date or conversation, just kissing. I'm like, c'mon. Seriously. Kissing.

I always felt you need multiple girls to handle the GFE side of your personality, and at times, when you want the straight up PSE. Life is all about balance right!


Independent Escort or Agency Escorts – Which are Safer?

Independent or Agency?

Independent or Agency?

When it comes to independent escorts, the first thing that comes to mind are backpage escorts. This is the lowest of the low end. Talk about STD central. I recommend going to review sites, where members review the experience they had with the escorts. On one side, you at least know what you're getting. On the other side, it brings home the fact that this girl is shared more than your Facebook update.

Agency escorts have more rules involved, but lets face it, at the end of the day they are still working as many men as possible. Granted, these girls charge more so their risk is lower than the rest (but don't fool yourself, still quite high).

The alternative is going the non escort route. Given the down economy, there are tons of girls simply looking to be taken care of. They don't want to be with hundreds of guys, just one or two. It severely minimizes the STD risk, while still giving you the experience your looking for.


Backpage Escorts Are Filled With STDs

backpage escorts equals STDs

backpage escorts equals STDs

When you start seeing rates for $50 for an hour, you know you're dealing with a cracked out backpage escort. The only way these girls know how to make money is by driving the escort price down to get more clients. They will literally do every high risk act in the book. Translation = No condom + STD for You.

If you're going to go the escort route, I highly recommend you go the message board route. There are sites like ECCIE & Best GFE that have a community of members that provide real feedback of their escort service. While the STD risk is still there, you at least know what you're getting yourself in to (no pun intended).


Give an Escort a Facial and Leave With a Smile

Find Escorts Who Love Facials

Find Escorts Who Love Facials

The money shot in every adult film is when a guy shoots his load on a goal. When he gives her a facial, even hotter. This carries over into the escort world as well. Some escorts, not all, will allow you to give them a facial. This should be your requirement #1. Why?

Well, first rule, is to wear a condom when you're going into ANY hole (oral included). Who wants to shoot a load into a condom right? You can do that when you're jerking off or with your girlfriend / wife. When you're paying to use an escort, giving them a facial is STD free (critical) and it leaves you with an extra smile. For those of you who never tried it, I HIGHLY recommend it.



Can You Get an STD from DATY?

DATY, some guys love this (aka Dining at the Y  aka eating a girl out). The chances of getting the serious stds (ex HIV) is low, but getting herpes or warts is high.  Getting this on your lips and mouth is not only horrible to look at, an std like herpes will always be with you. Throw in DATY with an escort and you dramatically increase your chances of getting an STD. Remember, almost every single escort has or had an STD. If you're going down the hobbyist route, you need to protect yourself much stricter than normal.  I would seriously avoid going down on an escort at all cost.


Nuru Massage Will Always Lead to a Blow Job

The average price for a nuru massage is $300/hour, it's actually higher than the price of your average escort. Considering the oils and 'work' involved, these girls deserve a higher amount. However, not all nuru massages lead to sex. Almost all of them do lead to a bbbj.

If you're a fan of this blog, you know I'm not a fan of BBBJ from escorts (let's face it guys, getting a nuru massage is still an escort). Think of the amount of blow jobs this girl has given. I know every ounce of you wants to believe she's clean, after all that's the fantasy right. Remember this, you can get several STDs from bjs. I won't try and scare you off with HIV as the chances are low, but getting Herpes and Warts is high.

So while she's sliding her tits up and down your shaft, request a covered blow job. You can always rip it off at the end and shoot it WHEREVER you like!


Should I Still Wear a Condom with a GFE?

Some guys think, that by having a GFE escort, that it's a safer experience. These are girls you feel like are REALLY into you, you take them back to your room, and have an incredible intimate encounter. While the fantasy is great, you have to remember one thing, these girls will sleep with ANYONE. As a result, your STD risk is incredibly high.

Let's take this a step further: She might even tell you she's clean, and that she got tested last month. Before you leave that condom in the package, remember this, a woman can be positive for an STD test and not have it show positive for 3 months. Do you realize how many dicks she's had since then?

Regardless of how much you want to believe her, be sure to wear a rubber. Even for a bj. Don't think for a second that BBBJ won't get you a STD. Request a CBJ every time. You can always rip it off then shoot it on her face (my personal fav)!


The $50 Blow Job – Is It Really Worth It?

Is the $50 BJ Worth It?

Is the $50 BJ Worth It?

You look at any low level escort site, you'll be able to find a CBJ or BBBJ for $50-$60. It's a great deal if you think about it. Throw in a repeat discount, You can get a month's worth of BJs for about 1k. One tiny problem with that, there's a HUGE distinction from CBJ and BBBJ.

Every guy loves a bj, your traditional mouth on c*ck. Whether you prefer CIM or a facial, you might want to pay a lil extra for that. The problem is the bare back bj part, think about the amount of bj's she's giving this month, let alone her lifetime. STDs are passed through oral... read that again.... while HIV is lower on the scale (yet still possible), HPV (warts) and Herpes (ouch) still reign large in the escort bj space.

Recommendation - CBJ with a facial, my favorite at least!


So What’s the Difference Between a Sugar Baby and an Escort?

With the advancement of the Internet, and fascinating future of mobile, getting laid has never been easier. Whether you're looking for an online date, a college sugar baby, or a straight up escort, you can get laid as often as you want. Well, depending on how deep your pockets are. That's partially false.

Escort or Sugar Baby?

Escort or Sugar Baby?

We all know escorts will do virtually anything for $$$. The issue with escorts is simple: STDs. Every guy tries to convince himself it won't happen to them, or she's SO HOT she has to be clean. But seriously, an escort has multiple dicks in her a day. A Day. For those of you mathematically challenged, assume 4 cocks a day 7 days a week. That's 1500 cocks. Of all those 1500 cocks, a certain percentage of them have STDs, plain and simple.  Add to that, your escort has been turning tricks for years, your bound to catch something.

So what's the alternative? Easy answer. Sugar babies.

These are girls your are single moms or college girls simply looking to make ends meet. While many are true gold diggers, many are just looking for a side relationships to make ends meet. Translation - Little chance of an STD.


So There I Am in Vegas Waiting in My Room…

I use to travel a TON, and the one thing I learned is to always talk to your cab driver. These guys have the true pulse of the underground life in every city. So I'm in Vegas, all my work is done and it's my one free night to myself. My wife is as home with our two kids, and it's the first time that I get to just let loose and have fun.

I'm in a cab heading back to MGM where I strike up a conversation with the cabbie. He writes down information of two girls that he 'personally' recommends. I tell him look, are you trying to get a commission from this thing by recommending these girls. He says flat out no, I get the commission off of these girls (where he shows me a stack with his referral). The girls I'm showing you are indepedants. So I'm thinking what the hell. I pick the blonde

Be Careful with Vegas Escorts

Be Careful with Vegas Escorts

I'm in my room in at the MGM and the blonde shows up right on time. I'm getting super excited and turns out she was a KNOCKOUT.  Without 5 minutes of being inside we are both completely naked going out it. Now, I know with escorts, I try to be extremely safe. I never dine at the Y and I always wear a rubber. I try to never get a BJ unless it's a covered blow job. So there, you have my mentality. So what do you do what a hot ass escorts starts going down on you? Well, you don't say "excuse me, put a rubber on". About 3 minutes into it, I told her to stop cause I didn't want to blow my load so quickly.

Mish, reverse cowgirl, doggie style then rip the condom off and shoot it all over her face. I sat there with such a smile on my face (you know the feeling). Fast forward 6 weeks, I get this itching feeling above my dick. Two days after that, I see what appears to be pimples. Well, it wasn't pimples, it was warts. So there I am FREAKING out, needing to take care of it before my wife were to ever see it. Three urologist visits later, an in and out procedure, and a few thousand bucks after that, all was good. I had to sweat though, let me tell you.

Lesson learned - when it comes to escorts guys, you REALLY need to be extra careful. What got me was the blow job. Simple act, and everyone tells you there is such a small chance. Where I say bull, the chances are high, especially with an escort.

To combat this locally, I found a site that caters to mutually beneficial arrangements. Basically single moms and younger girls looking to make ends meet. These girls aren't escorts, but love having all kinds of fun. In exchange, I help them out with some bills. Seriously is the arrangement of a lifetime.