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Get a Discreet STD Test

STD Tests

Well, I hate writing posts like this. Thing is, when you play in the hobbying world, your STD risks are quite high. I recommend that every man that has been in the hobbying world to get an STD test.  For many guys, the fear of their partner finding out about the STD test is enough to stop them from getting the test. Think about that. Fear from their partner's reaction trumps an actual STD.  This in very common, so don't feel so bad here.

To counter this, I recommend getting a discreet STD test. One in which does NOT go through your medical insurance. The last thing you want to do is to have this on your record, or have some letter or phone call sent to your house that your partner sees!

Remember, the earlier you catch an STD, the quicker you can come out of it and play the game better than ever!

Get your discreet STD test here >

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