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Dating Sites Hacked – Escorts Too?

Dating Sites Hacked

The news lately with the hack of dating sites have been nuts. First you had the Adult Friend Finder hack of 3.5 million members. Then, you had the gigantic hack of Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison is a site that has over 37 million member catering to men and women seeking affairs.

Dating Sites Hacked

Dating Sites Hacked

Now that's a monster hack. The crazy part, I believe this is the tip of the iceberg. Think about it, can you imagine the blackmail value here? Now, take it a step further. Don't you think escort sites are just as vulnerable? You have real address of the escorts, and the men that use their services.

Many escorts use verification services. How secure do you think they are? I'm telling, be very wary of the information you put out there. If it touches sex, be wary!

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