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Independent Escort or Agency Escorts – Which are Safer?

Independent or Agency?

Independent or Agency?

When it comes to independent escorts, the first thing that comes to mind are backpage escorts. This is the lowest of the low end. Talk about STD central. I recommend going to review sites, where members review the experience they had with the escorts. On one side, you at least know what you're getting. On the other side, it brings home the fact that this girl is shared more than your Facebook update.

Agency escorts have more rules involved, but lets face it, at the end of the day they are still working as many men as possible. Granted, these girls charge more so their risk is lower than the rest (but don't fool yourself, still quite high).

The alternative is going the non escort route. Given the down economy, there are tons of girls simply looking to be taken care of. They don't want to be with hundreds of guys, just one or two. It severely minimizes the STD risk, while still giving you the experience your looking for.

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