Escort Horror Stories Man Code – Gotta Do It


Give an Escort a Facial and Leave With a Smile

Find Escorts Who Love Facials

Find Escorts Who Love Facials

The money shot in every adult film is when a guy shoots his load on a goal. When he gives her a facial, even hotter. This carries over into the escort world as well. Some escorts, not all, will allow you to give them a facial. This should be your requirement #1. Why?

Well, first rule, is to wear a condom when you're going into ANY hole (oral included). Who wants to shoot a load into a condom right? You can do that when you're jerking off or with your girlfriend / wife. When you're paying to use an escort, giving them a facial is STD free (critical) and it leaves you with an extra smile. For those of you who never tried it, I HIGHLY recommend it.


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