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ABCD GFE… Know Your ABCs!

Sasha Gray GFE

Sasha Gray GFE

A buddy of mine and I were discusses some past and present experiences we had. A few beers in, after some incredible stories being shared, we came across a dilemma (a difference of opinion if you will). The GFE. The Girl Friend Experience (by the way, if you're a fan of Sasha Gray, you should watch her oldie by goodie The Girlfriend Experience).

Anyways, what do you consider a GFE? In my book, its some sort of date occurring before closing the deal. In my buddy's book, there's no date or conversation, just kissing. I'm like, c'mon. Seriously. Kissing.

I always felt you need multiple girls to handle the GFE side of your personality, and at times, when you want the straight up PSE. Life is all about balance right!

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