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Should I Still Wear a Condom with a GFE?

Some guys think, that by having a GFE escort, that it's a safer experience. These are girls you feel like are REALLY into you, you take them back to your room, and have an incredible intimate encounter. While the fantasy is great, you have to remember one thing, these girls will sleep with ANYONE. As a result, your STD risk is incredibly high.

Let's take this a step further: She might even tell you she's clean, and that she got tested last month. Before you leave that condom in the package, remember this, a woman can be positive for an STD test and not have it show positive for 3 months. Do you realize how many dicks she's had since then?

Regardless of how much you want to believe her, be sure to wear a rubber. Even for a bj. Don't think for a second that BBBJ won't get you a STD. Request a CBJ every time. You can always rip it off then shoot it on her face (my personal fav)!

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