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So There I Am in Vegas Waiting in My Room…

I use to travel a TON, and the one thing I learned is to always talk to your cab driver. These guys have the true pulse of the underground life in every city. So I'm in Vegas, all my work is done and it's my one free night to myself. My wife is as home with our two kids, and it's the first time that I get to just let loose and have fun.

I'm in a cab heading back to MGM where I strike up a conversation with the cabbie. He writes down information of two girls that he 'personally' recommends. I tell him look, are you trying to get a commission from this thing by recommending these girls. He says flat out no, I get the commission off of these girls (where he shows me a stack with his referral). The girls I'm showing you are indepedants. So I'm thinking what the hell. I pick the blonde

Be Careful with Vegas Escorts

Be Careful with Vegas Escorts

I'm in my room in at the MGM and the blonde shows up right on time. I'm getting super excited and turns out she was a KNOCKOUT.  Without 5 minutes of being inside we are both completely naked going out it. Now, I know with escorts, I try to be extremely safe. I never dine at the Y and I always wear a rubber. I try to never get a BJ unless it's a covered blow job. So there, you have my mentality. So what do you do what a hot ass escorts starts going down on you? Well, you don't say "excuse me, put a rubber on". About 3 minutes into it, I told her to stop cause I didn't want to blow my load so quickly.

Mish, reverse cowgirl, doggie style then rip the condom off and shoot it all over her face. I sat there with such a smile on my face (you know the feeling). Fast forward 6 weeks, I get this itching feeling above my dick. Two days after that, I see what appears to be pimples. Well, it wasn't pimples, it was warts. So there I am FREAKING out, needing to take care of it before my wife were to ever see it. Three urologist visits later, an in and out procedure, and a few thousand bucks after that, all was good. I had to sweat though, let me tell you.

Lesson learned - when it comes to escorts guys, you REALLY need to be extra careful. What got me was the blow job. Simple act, and everyone tells you there is such a small chance. Where I say bull, the chances are high, especially with an escort.

To combat this locally, I found a site that caters to mutually beneficial arrangements. Basically single moms and younger girls looking to make ends meet. These girls aren't escorts, but love having all kinds of fun. In exchange, I help them out with some bills. Seriously is the arrangement of a lifetime.

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