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Escort Horror Stories: My Life Will Never be “Normal” Again

Escort Horror Stories

When you start having sex, it’s so much fun.  If you’re in a committed relationship, you get to do it all the time, but with all things, relationships end.  So, you hook up with different girls that you meet through your friends, at the bars and clubs, at work – wherever.  There’s usually no shortage of women to be with.  Even if you go a couple of months during a “dry” spell, you can make do by looking at magazines, watching some movies…  It’s not ideal, but it helps you get through.  It’s when you decide that you can’t go another day without it and decide to call an escort that things get pretty tricky.

See, what you don’t know about lots of these girls is that a lot of them are drug addicts. They have sex for money and if you’re choosing to call on their services, it’s pretty likely that you know a bag over the head will be necessary, but some guys just don’t care that much.  I didn’t.  I just needed to hook up and by this time I wasn’t that worried about if she did drugs or not.

Escort Horror Stories

Escort Horror Stories

You always figure that if you’re going to be with an escort you’ll be safe, but sometimes spontaneity and your own excitement can really push that thought from your mind quickly.  Most of the time you can maybe squeak by without suffering any consequences from not being as safe as you would like, but the game changes with professionals.  With these ladies, you need to be really careful, like cover your whole body in latex if you want to be really safe, because they aren’t porn stars who get checked out all the time.  These ladies might never get checked.

That’s what happened to me.  She was a user of some kind I’m sure.  I didn’t look for the signs, the room was poorly lit thank god, and I wasn’t interested in her problems.  She was young but she looked worn out and I was going to add to it.

It’s bad enough when you see an escort and pay to feel so crappy about yourself afterward.  It’s a huge mistake, but then to find out a few short weeks later that you can never date anyone without having to share your issues before you hook up makes things worse.  It’s worse still because in order to make sure that nobody will ever get what I got I have to be extremely cautious for the rest of my life.  Fun – fun – fun.  I’ll never be able to have a truly good time with a woman again because I’ll be worried about what I’m giving her.

Yeah, so before you think about paying an escort, you might want to look at these two different sites. The first is Ashley Madison. This site caters to women who are married that are looking for affairs. Since these women can't bring back an STD to their husband, you know they're clean and you get to minimize your STD risk.

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