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2018 Escort Underground Update

2018 Underground Escorts

There was a time, not so long ago, that you could have had any escort by getting a Backpage escort or a Craigslist escort. Sure, you were gambling with some nasty STDs on those two sites, but they are virtually gone. I say virtually as you will still see escort ads slide in various sections of Backpage and Craigslist. If you notice, more and more are getting through. While it's labeled as Women Seeking Men, you are still seeing a ton of escorts on Backpage. Or maybe massages are your thing. Take a look the the therapeutic section on Craigslist. It basically translates to escort services at a "massage parlor". Even more brazen, are the ones that will do outcalls for massage.

Truth is while you will still see ads here, it's a tiny tiny fraction of what it use to be. Nowadays, message forums is where it's at. Most of the girls turn to these forums to get the word out. Men in turn provide reviews of these escorts and the cycle continues. While law enforcement did the right thing in shutting down, more like minimizing Craigslist and Backpage, it just forced escort world to be fragments on a multitude of forums and chats . You really can't blame the government here , I mean, these sites were THE GO TO PLACE. Which leads to all the horrible stories you hear.

Fast forward to the present. Most people who look for escorts don't actually book one. The fantasy of getting one, the communication you can have with one, is engaging enough for many. Really, the largest scare factor is STDs. Let's face it, there are so many now that even if you double bag it, you are at risk. The flip side are hookup apps like Tinder. Still a world filled with STDs, but at least your not paying for it right! The one huge benefit I see going in the dating world are mutually beneficial arrangements. Sites like Sugar Search cater to men and women looking to "find the ultimate arrangement." Everything from sugar daddy / sugar baby arrangements, to affairs & financial domination can be had while removing the majority of the risks involved in the other areas.



How are the Replacements to BackPage Going?

Ever since Backpage shut down its escorts and body rubs section in January, the hobbying community has been in an uproar. The biggest issues is trying to find that next spot to extend their hobby. The escorts on Backpage weren't knowing for being 10s, but then again, the men in the hobby aren't necessarily looking of 10s. They just don't want 1s. Backpage was good an bringing in a flood of women on a constant basis that where middle of the road girls, that did just about anything for money. So is there a replacement to Backpage? How are the replacements to Backpage doing?

How are the Replacements to BackPage Going?

There will never be a site that had the reach and constant flow of women as Backpage. The reasoning is simple. The bigger you get, the bigger of a target you are to the government agencies. As a result, you really have 3 main avenues to find sites similar to Backpage.

  1. Escort Forums - by going through the forums like Eccie and TNA Board, you can interact with community members that share their hobbying stories. As a result, you'll find some hidden gems of girls to use for your hobby
  2. Smaller niche sites - you can go to agencies that cater to a specific city. The rates will 100% be higher. But if you're ok to swing and be sure to review the girls before engaging, it can be a great alternatives.
  3. Independent escorts - these are the girls that got hit the most. Since these women aren't necessarily business savvy, these Backpage escorts got lazy. They relied on one site to bring in their clients, without building their own base of clients at a higher rate on their site. If you google independent escorts in CITYNAME, you'll find a ton of girls. Just remember to review this girls.

When it comes to finding alternatives to Back Page, you have to remember you'll need to do some digging and research. However, I've see the quality actually go up. Think about how many ones and twos were on Backpage; however, showing pics and ads that showed them as 7s.


Alternatives to Backpage

With the US government essentially forcing Backpage to shut down its escort / adult section, millions and men and escorts are looking for alternatives to Backpage. Thing is, there is no number 2 site. Sure there are escort directories online, but nothing even comes close to the massive size Backpage represented. All sorts of independent and agency escorts all used Backpage to a degree, even if it was for a bait & switch. Guys, well your are the most out of luck. From using Backpage escorts, then taking the phone numbers posted & researching them, a guy could feel confident in the girl that was showing up to their door with review. Christ, Backpage escorts were quicker than Uber for God's sake!

Backpage Replacement

I don't think you'll ever see a directory at the size of Backpage.  In order for this to still occur online, you'll need to have a slew of smaller niche escort sites. The reason Backpage got shut down was due to their sheer size. This was true for Craigslist years ago, and that was before the huge advancement of smart phones. Now, you'll start seeing smaller niches of sites that focus on certain communities. The sad part is the escorts themselves are put at a disadvantage. You have forums like eccie & TNA that are popular, you even have review sites like TER that allow you to review girls. While these aren't Backpage, it still allows you to explore the hobby. Ultimately, it will involve a bit more legwork on your part. At the end of the day, this is a hobby that has served since the beginning of time. There will be another site or set of sites that will replace Backpage. While it won't occur as fast as the community wants it to, with enough supply and demand, the marketplace will be found somewhere. Always has, and it always will be.

So what do you do now. When there's chaos, you will find opportunity. For instance, if you go down to the city level and search google, you'll find escort guides, escort agencies, and independent escorts that you've never heard of before. However in that city, it is known to more than a few. Try type escorts in Chicago or Austin independent escorts, you'll be surprised what you find! Finding sites similar to Backpage is going to be a near impossible task; however, the end results will actually be in your favor if you do some leg work!


Get a Discreet STD Test

STD Tests

Well, I hate writing posts like this. Thing is, when you play in the hobbying world, your STD risks are quite high. I recommend that every man that has been in the hobbying world to get an STD test.  For many guys, the fear of their partner finding out about the STD test is enough to stop them from getting the test. Think about that. Fear from their partner's reaction trumps an actual STD.  This in very common, so don't feel so bad here.

To counter this, I recommend getting a discreet STD test. One in which does NOT go through your medical insurance. The last thing you want to do is to have this on your record, or have some letter or phone call sent to your house that your partner sees!

Remember, the earlier you catch an STD, the quicker you can come out of it and play the game better than ever!

Get your discreet STD test here >


Are Cheap Escorts Worth the Trouble?

Cheap Escorts

It all comes down to supply and demand. There will always be demand for escorts, but are their prices coming down? Ultimately, it comes down to where you're looking. Back page escorts are notorious for being insanely cheap. Most times, you do get what you pay for. Women that are with several guys a day, with a huge risk of STDs. You do find some diamonds in the rough, but you have to do some serious homework.

Cheap Escorts

Cheap Escorts

When I say homework, I don't mean read her ad and gawk at her images & services. Review the escort thoroughly. There's a reason cheap escorts are charging less for services. There are so many escort on back page nowadays that they are competing against each other.

Don't get me wrong, a hobbyist loves getting a girl to do X for a dollar amount. At the end of the day though, is it worth the STD risk? I mean, is it?

Back page now no longer accepts credit cards. So what's left are girls that use pimps (Basically) to manage their ad postings. I mean, how many escorts do you know how to use Bitcoin? Or write a check for credits. Yea, exactly. Most of these cheap escorts on Backpage aren't even the ones posting their ads.

Again, there are some that do it themselves, but it's such a small percentage nowadays.



Dating Sites Hacked – Escorts Too?

Dating Sites Hacked

The news lately with the hack of dating sites have been nuts. First you had the Adult Friend Finder hack of 3.5 million members. Then, you had the gigantic hack of Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison is a site that has over 37 million member catering to men and women seeking affairs.

Dating Sites Hacked

Dating Sites Hacked

Now that's a monster hack. The crazy part, I believe this is the tip of the iceberg. Think about it, can you imagine the blackmail value here? Now, take it a step further. Don't you think escort sites are just as vulnerable? You have real address of the escorts, and the men that use their services.

Many escorts use verification services. How secure do you think they are? I'm telling, be very wary of the information you put out there. If it touches sex, be wary!


College Escorts Are Turning a New Page

Young College Escorts

If you're like me, you absolutely love young college escorts. I mean, the skin, the tight little bodies, I love paying for these girls. Beyond love these girls. Now, I've been a hobbyist for a while. What I'm finding however is the diminishing pool of these young college escorts out there. Granted, I could care less if they're in college, but young escorts in general. The quality pool has dropped a HUGE amount.

Young College Escorts

Young College Escorts

After some ground level market research (cough cough), what I've found is a shift in their approach. These girls no longer are looking for 30 guys to pay them, they're looking to have 3-4 sugar daddies looking to take of them. This whole concept of mutually beneficial arrangements has been exploding with girls under the age of 25. With that being said, I've learned as well to change my approach both from a lingo perspective, and expectations.

Most of these sugar babies love the idea of having a pseudo relationship with you. I say pseudo as they're not just looking for an hourly rates with PSE / GFE services. They're looking to be spoiled, but at the same time, they're not looking for a boyfriend. I consider this a dream for a guy like me.

The crazy part is, these girls aren't looking for a ton of money. They're not at the point where they're true hustlers (overall), so you don't have to deal with the BS that you do with the run of the mill escort. Furthermore, you can't to have some real fun with these girls. Think of it as a modern version of a having a female friend with a ton of benefits. No drama.



Simliar to Backpage

Similar to Backpage

2017 Update: Backpage escort section is closed down! You see, when you get too large in the escort space, the government has no choice but to crack the whip. First Craigslist, now Backpage. Think about it, Backpage became so large that getting an escort to your door was quicker than getting an Uber. While you'll never the the sheer size of Backpage, there are tons of alternatives to Backpage. The thing is, you'll need to do some work to find it. I do however know as a fact the quality will get better as the audiences are smaller.

When it comes to escort guides, the clear leader in the space in terms of active listing are Backpage escorts. The issue with being the leader is all the spam and false ads that are listed. If you think about it, many of the escorts on Backpage aren't even real - they're men posing as women to get your email address (and of course try and sell you on some BS service). So, what sites are similar to Backpage? Is there anything comparable to Backpage worth looking into ?

After using several providers out there, I've found you need to go to where the girls are - true online as it is offline! Here are my top 4 sites similar to Backpage:

Now, for some of you, what you'll learn is that going the escort route isn't worth the risk. Since virtually anyone can post on Backpage, you're dealing with a high probability of getting some sort of STD. The alternative to this is going the mutually beneficial route. This is where you'll find women who do not consider themselves escorts. Instead, they're looking to make ends meet. As a result, you'll find women that aren't with multiple partners, just one or two.


Summer Alert – Stay Away From Backpage Escorts



With the summer among us, more and more men are looking at escorts to increase their summer fun. For the newbies, they will turn to Backpage escorts to get their cheap thrill.  There's a huge reason why I'm recommending to stay away from Backpage: STDs. With the increase in demand (men) there will be a slew more supply (escorts) in BP.  These girls will service many men in a given day, every day. The math seriously dramatically increases your risk of catching an STD. Believe me when I tell you no STD is worth. Whether it's the nuisance of warts, the longevity of herpes, of the lifetime killer of AIDS.

Think with the right head here guys. Instead of going the route of escorts on backpage, try going another route.

My advice, take a look at the growing trend of mutually beneficial arrangements. This is where you find everyday girls looking to make ends meet. They aren't escorts, but they will provide you that unique arrangement you desire.


Huge HIV Increase in Porn – Why are You Surprised!

Recently, there's been a surge in HIV positive tests in the porn industry. For an industry that is fighting a city to NOT wear condoms, this surge in HIV is not helping their case. One of the major issues is the girls themselves aren't getting paid enough. As a result, many of them turn to being an escort. Granted, can you blame them, they get top dollar. Thing is, their clients want a true PSE, ie no condoms.

So be warned fellas, while it might be tempting to go after a real PSE, you'll be better off going with a PSE that isn't in porn! These girls, will demand a rubber to be worn